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Prince William’s County, VA.

Most recently, TsegBall was introduced in Prince William’s County, Virginia. TsegBall Inventor, Sebastian Bruce met with Health and Physical Education Instructors from various middle schools and high schools at their annual in-service training sessions.

After learning the rules and getting a chance to play, many of the teachers began to realize the benefits of adding TsegBall to their curriculum.

One teacher from Woodbridge Middle School was really impressed with the game: “I teach middle school and we’re always trying to find those type of activities that keep the kids moving, [are] innovative, [and] which don’t require a lot of skill–and this is the one. This is very good.”

Eric Wagner, a Physical Education teacher at Stonewall Middle School also liked TsegBall’s innovative design: “…we like the fact that there’s two goals at each end and the fact that you have to resist from jumping, which is a good skill to learn for American basketball because our players like to leave their feet when we don’t want them to leave their feet.”

Wagner’s colleague, Joe Murdoch agreed: “I like the game because of the two goals; it gives the players more than one option to shoot at. I like also that they cannot jump; it teaches the players how to stay in one place and not make contact, which will help them in American Basketball with the contact issue.”

High School teachers also saw the possibilities of TsegBall for their students. Holly Tousha, a 10 th grade Health and Physical Education teacher at Brentsville District High School believed that her students would really enjoy TsegBall: “I know my kids would love this game. They play all kinds of sports, but really they get into the games like this with the different rules and stuff that they’ve never tried before….They can be active and they can be in a situation where they’re not contacted, so it’s a non-contact sport which makes it safe. And I know the girls and guys would all love it.”

Fred Milbert, Supervisor for Health and Physical Education for Prince William County Schools was very excited about the inclusive nature of TsegBall’s design and how it offers teachers additional ways to incude more of their students: “[I like the game] because of the way that it keeps people moving, [and] because it has cardiovascular endurance capabilities or possibilities for teaching kids to keep active….I like it because many people can be involved, not just skilled athletes but a lot of different skill levels can be involved and achieve success while playing the game.”

Epps Johnson, a Physical Education teacher at Stonewall Jackson High School agrees that TsegBall is a very flexible sport: “This looks like a fabulous game. It can involve a lot of people. It looks like you can modify it for the number of people, [whether you’re] inside or outside….It’s a tremendous game.”

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