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Rules and Skill Tests


How Do I Play

Before getting started, take a few minutes to read the rules. They will help you to understand the game and be a better player.


Each team of 4, 6 or 12 has two corner-located goals to defend. Players can not move when in possession of the unique “disk” soft-fill Tsegball, so passing and constant movement are keys to success.


The rules of Tsegball are designed to keep it moving fast and keep it fair. Though players can move anywhere without the ball, that freedom ends when they take possession. From the point of the catch, they are restricted to a single step, a one-foot basketball-like pivot and 3 seconds of possession.

No Contact and No Jumping

Contact is never allowed and no player, including the goalie, can’t jump. Moving the ball down-court and into scoring position requires quick passes and constant motion.


Defenders must stay alert in either a “man-to-man” or zone defensive arrangement.


Goalies are required to stay away from the goal so they can’t goal-tend over the rim. Contact is prohibited, causing either loss of possession or a free scoring toss.


The ball also changes possession after an interception or out-of-bounds.


The game adapts to smaller classes and smaller fields, but cooperation remains a requirement.


When cooperation is such an important part of the game, it is impossible for any one player to dominate.

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TsegBall Explainer

This explainer video for Tsegball, will help you to better understand the game and how it is played.

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Live Game:
Shepherd University,
West Virginia.

This live demo of Tsegball was held at Shepherd University, West Virginia.

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