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“Normally I don’t like gym class and I’m not very good at sports, but I liked Tsegball. It’s really fun! Thanks so much for a wonderful game!”

Christen R., Naperville Central High School.


'I like the game' because of the way that it keeps people moving, and because it has cardiovascular endurance capabilities or possibilities for teaching kids to keep active…. I like it because many people can be involved, not just skilled athletes but a lot of different skill levels can be involved and achieve success while playing the game.

Fred Milbert

I know my kids would love this game. They play all kinds of sports, but really they get into the games like this with the different rules and stuff that they’ve never tried before….They can be active and they can be in a situation where they’re not contacted, so it’s a non-contact sport which makes it safe. And I know the girls and guys would all love it.

Holly Tousha

I really like the game Tsegball…. because it doesn’t take a lot of skill to play. I think it’s a game that has skills for lifetime play. It can be varied sex … you know girls and guys can play together.

Sarah Martin

I like the game because of the two goals; it gives the players more than one option to shoot at. I like also that they cannot jump; it teaches the players how to stay in one place and not make contact, which will help them in American Basketball with the contact issue.

Joe Murdoch

I teach middle school and we’re always trying to find those type of activities that keep the kids moving, are innovative, and which don’t require a lot of skill–and this is the one. This is very good.

Woodbridge Middle

..we like the fact that there’s two goals at each end and the fact that you have to resist from jumping, which is a good skill to learn for American basketball because our players like to leave their feet when we don’t want them to leave their feet.

Eric Wagner

I just got done playing about a ten minute game. It’s a great game, we had a lot of fun, and as you can see, I’m sweating. I really enjoyed it `{`and`}` I highly recommend it.

Mr. Milanak

Probably the best thing I like about Tsegball is the cardiovascular workout I get playing the game….It’s definitely something I can use in my classes.

Mike Lugar

I love the game. Learn how to play, and go play the game. It’s great.

Denise St. Rose

It’s a good game because you take away a lot of the aggressiveness of some of your other games….There’s no contact, so the intimidation factor is taken away. We would recommend it very much for our P.E. teachers.


…there’s something for everybody. A little bit of basketball, volleyball. And you can play with boys and girls.

Angela Zepp

I love the game, and as you can see, it keeps you very active. I definitely like to play….and when I teach next year, I’ll definitely incorporate this into my unit.

Donnie White

The teachers really did enjoy this game today. It’s a fast moving game with many skills…

Juanita Ross

It’s just a really soft ball so if you get hit with it, it doesn’t hurt….and basketballs really hurt, so it’s a really good sport and I like it.

Erica Hawkins

I love this game. Everyone can play without getting hurt. We should have had a game like this a long time ago.


It’s fun—a lot of throwing, a lot of catching, a lot of movement. It you’re looking for a different, fresh game to play with your kids…I definitely recommend Tsegball.

Andrew Tetteh

It’s not a male-dominated sport, it’s not a female-dominated sport, it’s a team sport. And it will be very successful here in Fairfax County.

Kemba Ford

We played for probably about 15-20 minutes and had a great workout. I recommend this program for anybody that can utilize this in their gym or even outside.

Patrick Huges

I think that Tsegball is great because you can adapt it to any field size. I think any student, regardless of their fitness level, can adapt to this sport and benefit from it…

Karen Hertel

It’s a great way to get all the kids involved quickly and it’s a good cardio activity, which is what we need more of.

Colleen Lally

I really love this game! It teaches you a lot of self discipline, and forces you to develop a strategy and work with your team.

Bryan Beverage

I like Tsegball because many people can be involved, not just skilled athletes but a lot of different skill levels can be involved and achieve success while playing the game.

Fred Milbert

Dr. Anna De Vito and Dr. Jacob
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