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Tsegball (pronounced seg-ball) is a non-contact co-ed team game, fast-paced high-scoring built totally around team cooperation.

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Tsegball reduces the levels of injury prevalent in most contact sports while also removing the physical intimidation factor on the court.

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This explainer video for Tsegball, will help you to better understand the game and how it is played.

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Rules + Skill

The rules of Tsegball are designed to keep it moving fast and keep it fair. Contact is never allowed and no player, including the goalie, can’t jump.

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EDUCATIONAL & Therapeutic Game

TsegBall in
Public Schools.

Tsegball has been used in a wide variety of ways. Not only has Tsegball been integrated into the physical education curriculum in many public schools across the country, but Tsegball has also been employed as a healthy athletic outlet for teens with behavioral problems in youth recreation centers.

"Normally I don’t like gym class and I’m not very good at sports, but I liked Tsegball. It’s really fun! Thanks so much for a wonderful game!"

Christen R., Naperville Central High School.

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