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The rules of Tsegball are designed to keep it moving fast and keep it fair.


TsegBall’s combination of basketball, volleyball, handball, rugby and hopscotch, takes the best elements of these traditional games and creates an innovative, non-contact sport that is both easy and fun to play.


TsegBall’s non-contact design is beneficial in two important ways. First, it reduces the amount of injury prevalent in most contact sports while removing the physical intimidation factor on the court.


TsegBall is a game that largely depends on the use of strategy. The focus of TsegBall is not on a player’s physical prowess, but rather on the successful execution of a team’s strategy. A team sport.

TsegBall in Public Schools

TsegBall has been used in a wide variety of ways. Not only has TsegBall been integrated into the physical education curriculum in many public schools across the country, but TsegBall has also been employed as a healthy athletic outlet for teens with behavioral problems in youth recreation centers.

Who Can Play TsegBall?

TsegBall is designed for players ages 5 and up and can be played by individuals of varying fitness levels and mobilities.

How Do I Play TsegBall?

Though players can move anywhere without the ball,
that freedom ends when they take possession.

NEW ARRIVAL: Tsegball TS7-Z Goalposts

Thanks to the feedback we have received from customers just like you over the past years, we have made several improvements on our existing goalpost design, which has led to the development of the…

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