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TsegBall’s Benefits

Why TsegBall?

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TsegBall's Benefits.

It reduces the levels of injury prevalent in most contact sports while also removing the physical intimidation factor on the court.

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1 • Fun and Easy To Play

TsegBall is a fun, high energy game that incorporates many athletic skills, including catching, footwork, shooting, running and passing. Unlike some team sports, TsegBall’s design allows for more players to be directly involved. TsegBall’s combination of basketball, volleyball, handball, rugby and hopscotch, takes the best elements of these traditional games and creates an innovative, non-contact sport that is both easy and fun to play.

2 • A Non-Contact Co-ed Sport

TsegBall’s non-contact design is beneficial in two important ways. First, it reduces the amount of injury prevalent in most contact sports while removing the physical intimidation factor on the court. Second, TsegBall’s design allows for co-educational teams. By eliminating the violence aspect, men and women can play together on the same team—a feature not common in many of today’s most popular sports.

3 • A Game of Strategy

TsegBall is a game that largely depends on the use of strategy. The focus of TsegBall is not on a player’s physical prowess, but rather in the successful execution of a team’s strategy. Players must develop a plan of action to make the best use of their teammates and their various skills.

4 • Teamwork

TsegBall is a game that emphasizes teamwork. Because a player in possession of the ball may not run or walk with it, that player with the ball must pass the ball to another player in less than three seconds. This rule allows a large number of players to be involved. There is no “star player” mentality. Each of the players is vital to the success of the overall team. TsegBall’s guidelines against jumping and dribbling also help to equalize the game and allow for less athletic players to be more successful on the court.

5 • Fitness

TsegBall is an excellent way to get a cardiovascular workout. The running, footwork, and continuous pivot action keep the heart rate elevated and help to support weight loss goals. TsegBall provides the advantages of an aerobic workout with the social interaction of a team sport.

6 • Applications

TsegBall has been used in a wide variety of ways. Not only has TsegBall been integrated into the physical education curriculum in many public schools across the country, but TsegBall has also been employed as a healthy athletic outlet for teens with behavioral problems in youth recreation centers. TsegBall has been used as a part of the strategic planning exercises in the military, as well as a therapeutic sporting activity.

7 • Body Control & Discipline

TsegBall does not allow a lot of traditional moves, it cultivates a sense of personal discipline in the players. Players must develop new ways and patterns of moving the ball and their bodies around the court. The restrictions against jumping and running with the ball sharpen hand-eye coordination and the ability to assess quickly passing options. Players learn how to break quickly, pivot, and of course, how to do the behind-your-head “Back Throw!”

8 • Versatile

TsegBall is an extremely versatile game that can be adapted to various playing surfaces and spaces. TsegBall can be played both indoors and outdoors and can cover an area as large as a standard sized gymnasium or as little as 20 x 20 feet. The number of players can be reduced or expanded to allow for ease of movement on various surfaces. TsegBall has a soft, leather ball that can easily be maneuvered with one hand or two. Also, its four goal posts allow for maximum involvement with minimal crowding.

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