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Carroll County, MD.

Most recently, TsegBall officially arrived in Carroll County, Maryland. TsegBall President, Sebastian Bruce, and Head TsegBall Trainer, Trisha Thorp met with over 70 Physical Education and Athletic Directors from all over the county at their annual in-service meeting.

Also in attendance were Linda Kephart , Supervisor of Health and Elementary Physical Education for Carroll County Public Schools and Bruce Cowan, Supervisor of Physical Education and Athletics in Carroll County.

After an initial introduction and a few answered questions, the group of instructors was eager to get some hands-on experience with TsegBall. Donnie White, a student teacher at McDaniel College really enjoyed himself: “I love the game, and as you can see, it keeps you very active. I definitely like to play….and when I teach next year, I’ll definitely incorporate this into my unit. I recommend this game to everyone. I’ll probably play with my friends later today”.

Angela Zepp, a Physical Education & Health teacher at Linton Springs Elementary School agreed that TsegBall would be a positive addition to her curriculum: “I really think this is a good activity for grades 3-5. I think we can modify it in a way that would be suitable for them and I really want to try to include it in our units.”

Cowan was very pleased with the teacher response to the game. “I think our teachers were really happy with it. A lot of them had a chance to participate.” Cowan also noted that TsegBall can accommodate students of varying skill levels and athletic abilities: “…it’s a good game for kids who aren’t as athletic to participate in, because you don’t have to jump…. It’s a nice game to get everybody involved. It gets up the heart rate [and] keeps everybody moving.”

Zepp also appreciated TsegBall’s inclusive design: “…there’s something for everybody. A little bit of basketball, volleyball. And you can play with boys and girls.”

After watching the game run non-stop for more than an hour, Cowan observed one of the real advantages to TsegBall’s non-contact policy : “I think it’s a good game because you take away a lot of the aggressiveness of some of your other games….There’s no contact, so the intimidation factor is taken away. I think we would recommend it very much for our P.E. teachers.”

Overall, it appeared that TsegBall was a hit in Carroll County. Many teachers gave a positive response to the game and expressed interest in how they could build it into their current programs. Denise St. Rose, a Physical Education teacher at Spring Garden Elementary School summed it up when she said, “I love the game. Learn how to play, and go play the game. It’s great.”

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