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What’s Tsegball?

TsegBall (pronounced seg-ball) is a new exciting coed team game that emphasizes cooperative play, designed for use in schools, recreation and fitness centers, rehabilitation clinics and even the military.

How do I play Tsegball?

Each team of 4, 6 or 12 has two corner-located goals to defend. Players can not move when in possession of the unique “disk” soft-fill Tsegball, so passing and constant movement are keys to success.


The rules of Tsegball are designed to keep it moving fast and keep it fair. Though players can move anywhere without the ball, that freedom ends when they take possession. From the point of the catch, they are restricted to a single step, a one-foot basketball-like pivot and 3 seconds of possession.


Contact is never allowed and no player, including the goalie, can’t jump. Moving the ball down-court and into scoring position requires quick passes and constant motion.

How old do you have to be to play Tsegball?

At least 5 years old to play Tsegball.

How many goal posts do I need to play the game?

To fully enjoy the game, we recommend 4 (four) Goal Posts to be placed in each corner to create a square or rectangle; however, you are still able to play with only 2 Goal Posts on opposite corners.

Do I get the same fun experience by using only 2 goal posts?

Yes you will still be able to enjoy the game; however, the strategy part of the game is diminished by 30%.

What do I wear when I play Tsegball?

Tsegball is an interactive sport. We recommend playing in sportswear, gym clothes, or athletic wear.

How do I assemble the game in order to play?

For instructions on how to assemble Tsegball please click here.

Where can I find instructions on how to play Tsegball?

All instructions on how to play Tsegball is available on Click here to be directed to the instructional page.

Do you have any videos of people playing Tsegball?

All instructions on how to play Tsegball is available on Click here to be directed to the instructional page.


Where else can I buy Tsegball?

At this time you can only purchase the authentic Tsegball game on our website by visiting our online store:

What do I receive when I purchase Tsegball?

There are 2 options to purchase:

A. PACKAGE: 1 Tsegball, 4 Goal Posts and 4 Nets

B. Individual Tsegballs

Can a Tsegball representative come out to my school or program to demonstrate the game to the players?

You can find the Demo videos on our website on how to play Tsegball. If you are located 100 miles within Zone 1 (DC,MD,VA) we will send a representative to demonstrate the game. If you are located outside 100 miles of Zone 1, we would need travel accommodations in order to come out to you and demonstrate the game. Please contact our customer service for more information.


Is there a warranty/exchange policy?

– All Tsegball Goal Posts a lifetime warranty that covers failure of workmanship and materials, however restrictions do apply. If a goal post is broken or cracked due to: jumping on goal, dunking on goal, seating on goal, etc. we reserve the right to void any warranties.


– All Tsegball “balls” have a 6 month warranty, however restrictions do apply. There can not be any water damage, no signs of sharp cuts, and no signs of pealing of the balls.

What if there are missing parts or accessories?

If you received an order that is missing an item or parts, you can initiate a replacement from by submitting a support ticket.


How do you ship Tsegball?

Packages are shipped via FedEx.

Individual Tsegballs are shipped via USPS and FedEX.

How long does it take to receive my shipment?

Please allow 3-4 business days to receive your shipment of Tsegball packages and/or balls.

Do you ship internationally?

Tsegball currently ships all over the world. For more information please contact our customer service. 


Is there a refund policy?

Yes. Click here to read about our exchange, refund and returns policy.

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