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TsegBall has launched a New and Improved Website!

With the excitement of Tsegball on the rise, we needed a website to keep pace. The new website is just as exciting and fun-filled as the game itself. takes much pleasure in announcing some uniquely attractive site upgrades.

The new upgrades are designed to broaden the flavor and scope of the site, immensely enhancing the experience of our Tsegball enthusiasts. These currently installed upgrades help to account for the site’s now bolder and fresher appearance. The recent upgrades, perhaps most importantly, increases better site navigation that is more intuitive.

The improvements are aimed towards increasing Tsegball’s visibility amidst the current flock of Tsegball competitors. We aim to keep our enthusiasts well informed of the sport’s constantly evolving culture, and we hope to draw new interest to the playing courts. A fresh new photo gallery section offers brilliant pictorial illustrations of the sport and those who enjoy it, also, the new video feature affords visitors with opportunities to watch and listen to interviews and games supported by excellent audio clarity and picture quality. More upgrades will be announced as they are implemented. Stay tuned!