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Start Your Own National Tsegball League

Whether you’re looking for a fun game with friends, something therapeutic and rehabilitative, or you want to take it to the national level and bring home the gold– with Tsegball, the sky is the limit.

Tsegball teams are ideal for and inclusive of everyone, but especially work for community centers and sporting groups that might not have enough members to create separate teams for other sports. This is something that everyone can enjoy and feel a part of, and the Tsegball team is here to help you get started. Not only can we assist you in setting up your own league, but get you the gear and the guides that you need to be well on your way.

It’s time to shake things up, learn something new, and have a blast whilst doing it. Start taking strides towards standing on the national stage, and get your players up and running for a clean head start in this new race. Build friendships and a greater sense of community, and seize this opportunity to build your own undefeatable team and raze the competition.

By creating a league, you can keep America’s youth active, healthy, safe and make a positive difference within your own community. Start your NTL league today to help grow the sport and provide America’s youth with an exciting Tsegball playing experience.


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Own your own tsegball