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GET AN UPDGRADE: Bring Us Your Tsegball TS4 Goalpost and Get A TS7-Z

If you own the TS4, you might have noticed that the frame and rim bracket are susceptible to frequent bending, which can lead to some unpleasant moments for both the goalies and players trying to score points. The new TS7-Z resolves these issues.

While it has the look of the TS4, it is made from a higher grade of steel, and the durability is incomparable. The TS7-Z is designed to last forever, and being stronger than all other posts we have ever produced, guarantees its users at least 20 years.

If you have previously purchased the older TS4 model, you now have the chance to upgrade to the TS7-Z at a 50% discount. To take advantage of this offer, please open a ticket by following the link here: If you are unsure whether you have the TS4 model, you can check for the Tsegball logo on the blue pole (see image below). To be eligible, purchases should have been made between 2012 – 2016, directly from, Avoom Group, or Avoomba.

If you have any questions, please visit our support link at to open a ticket.

Tsegball Team

NEW ARRIVAL: Tsegball TS7-Z Goalposts

Thanks to the feedback we have received from customers just like you over the past years, we have made several improvements on our existing goalpost design, which has led to the development of the TS7-Z.

The newest in the TS series, the TS7-Z is stronger and more durable than all previous versions, and guaranteed to last for at least 20 years.

The TS7-Z is an adjustable goal post with a sturdy, steel frame and 100% nylon net. The adjustable height allows for players of all ages, while the steel frame ensures maximum durability and safety. Each TS7-Z comes with easy-to-read fully illustrated directions and video for quick assembly, and a limited 3-year warranty.


Tsegball wants to serve you better with our new Customer Support Center!

We are happy to launch the Tsegball Support Center to better serve all our customers and their needs.

You now have the option to create a support ticket, and have an agent assigned to your requests, questions, or issues until it has been resolved. The process to create an account is easy and user friendly. Just log on to, create a Log In, and submit a customer support ticket. You can upload images, check on the status of your ticket, and work one-on-one with an agent while we resolve your issue. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your business, and we look forward to assisting you in the future.


Support Starts Here with Tsegball’s new toll Free Number.

TsegBall now has new ways to better support our customers! You can now reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Our new contact number and fax number is available Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm (EST) at 1-800-605-5089 or via fax at 1-800-605-9831. We can also be reached 24 hours a day via our support center at Log in, create a ticket, and an agent will be assigned to you immediately. Thank you for your business.

Tsegball: Introducing the New and Improved Tsegball Ball TSB6-X

When TsegBall was invented, it was designed to use a very new type of ball that makes the game safe and enjoyable.

With that in mind, TsegBall has always researched and improved our product so that players experience 100% satisfaction and safety.

After years of development and testing, we are delighted to introduce you to TsegBall’s newest ball – the newly designed TSB6-X.

The TsegBall is a soft, cushioned squishy ball with a 100% leather casing designed to promote player safety. Smaller in size and weight than the previous models, TSB6-X is easier to hold and can be handled better by all age groups.

TSB6-X is designed to be used in smaller areas, can be utilized in the living area, office space, gym, outdoors and elsewhere.

It can be used for various purposes and for stress release.

The quality of this design is guaranteed to last for many years.


Tsegball has launched a New and Improved Website!

With the excitement of TsegBall on the rise, we needed a website to keep pace. The new website is just as exciting and fun-filled as the game itself. takes much pleasure in announcing some uniquely attractive site upgrades.

The new upgrades are designed to broaden the flavor and scope of the site, immensely enhancing the experience of our TsegBall enthusiasts. These currently installed upgrades help to account for the site’s now bolder and fresher appearance, while maintaining the basis of the original, compelling layout style and editorial content that made it a favorite on-line destination. The recent upgrades, perhaps most importantly, increases better site navigation that is more intuitive.

The improvements are aimed towards increasing TsegBall’s visibility amidst the current flock of TsegBall competitors. We aim to keep our enthusiasts well informed of the sport’s constantly evolving culture, and we hope to draw new interest to the playing courts. A fresh new photo gallery section offers brilliant pictorial illustrations of the sport and those who enjoy it, also, the new video feature affords visitors with opportunities to watch and listen to interviews and games supported by excellent audio clarity and picture quality. More upgrades will be announced as they are implemented. Stay tuned!


TsegBall replacement balls.

Recently we have sent a replacement out to all our buyers that had purchased the previous version of TSB-b4 (light green top) from 2012 to 2015.

This was due to the poor performance and durability of the material from which it was made. We replaced it with version TSB-b5. If you have not received your replacement, you can contact us directly with proof of purchase, and we will ship the replacement to you free of charge. See image below of the recall ball TSB-b4:


Coming Soon! New, Improved TsegBall Goal Posts

It has been a few years, but we’re coming back with a better than ever goal post. We aim to keep in step with the ever evolving technology so we’ve added some new features to the goal posts for more versatile and interactive play. Thus, we will release to the TsegBall nation the new “TS9 AQUA” goal post!

Some of the new features will include a more durable material. It is more versatile and allows for use inside of your home or indoor recreation area as well as your standard basketball court or gymnasium. Also, there will be a new funky sound that signals your scoring goal. And with a 10 year warranty this goal will last through many games of Tsegball. Soon, you’ll be able to order your goal post!


Prince William’s County, VA

Most recently, TsegBall was introduced in Prince William’s County, Virginia. TsegBall Inventor, Sebastian Bruce met with Health and Physical Education Instructors from various middle schools and high schools at their annual in-service training sessions.

After learning the rules and getting a chance to play, many of the teachers began to realize the benefits of adding TsegBall to their curriculum.

One teacher from Woodbridge Middle School was really impressed with the game: “I teach middle school and we’re always trying to find those type of activities that keep the kids moving, [are] innovative, [and] which don’t require a lot of skill–and this is the one. This is very good.” Read More

Carroll County, MD

Most recently, TsegBall officially arrived in Carroll County, Maryland. TsegBall President, Sebastian Bruce, and Head TsegBall Trainer, Trisha Thorp met with over 70 Physical Education and Athletic Directors from all over the county at their annual in-service meeting.

Also in attendance were Linda Kephart , Supervisor of Health and Elementary Physical Education for Carroll County Public Schools and Bruce Cowan, Supervisor of Physical Education and Athletics in Carroll County.

After an initial introduction and a few answered questions, the group of instructors was eager to get some hands-on experience with TsegBall. Donnie White, a student teacher at McDaniel College really enjoyed himself: “I love the game, and as you can see, it keeps you very active. I definitely like to play….and when I teach next year, I’ll definitely incorporate this into my unit. I recommend this game to everyone. I’ll probably play with my friends later today”. Read More