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The game emphasizes good strategy rather than physical prowess.

What’s TsegBall?

TsegBall (pronounced seg-ball) is a new exciting co-ed team game that emphasizes cooperative play, designed for use in schools, recreation and fitness centers, rehabilitation clinics and even the military.

Co-ed Sport

The game is easy to play and allows men and women to compete on the same team. Because it is a co-ed sport, the rules are designed to prevent any bodily contact. Men and women can enjoy the game together without the risk of injury prevalent in most contact sports.


The game emphasizes good strategy rather than physical prowess and generates a lot of creativity. There is no jumping and players can only use their hands, so they’ve got to rely on quick thinking and fast reflexes in order to win.

TsegBall Explainer Video

The Official TsegBall Field

Tsegball Field

This is the official size for an outdoor TsegBall field. However, the game can be played in a smaller playing area, such as an indoor basketball court and more.


Who Can Play TsegBall?

TsegBall is more than just fun and recreation, however, Because of the non-violent nature of the game, it can be used as a therapeutic sporting activity to help rehabilitate victims. It is also being utilized by recreation centers as a healthy outlet for young people with behavioral problems. It has even been used by people in wheelchairs as part of a physical therapy plan!

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